Getting a Login & Creating Car Shows & Events

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(Q) Can I add my own car shows or events to the calendar?

(A) Yes. There are two ways to add events to the calendar. The quickest way is to submit an anonymous event via the tab labeled “Submit an Event”. Click on “Submit Your Event” and fill in the information. If you are a car show producer or promoter and would like to have advanced editing capabilities, click the Register tab and create a Login (user names are lower case letters and numbers only). The advanced editing capabilities feature allows you to insert a flyer in the description area and also allows you to make changes to your events whenever you feel they are necessary.

Either way you enter events, your event submissions will Not be visible to the public, until they are approved by the web site administrators.

(Q) I created an account, but when I try to login, I get another screen asking for a user name and password. What do I do?

(A) Because of worldwide efforts to crash WordPress web pages, our web hosting provider has implemented an additional security measure to thwart automated web attacks. The extra user name and password are shown in the login box. The user name is adminwp and the password is wplogin. To avoid this extra step in the future, save the password, when asked by your browser.

WordPress Extra Login

(Q) Okay…I got my login information, how do I login to add and edit my events?

(A) Click the Login tab and enter your user name and password. While you are logged in, you will see a new toolbar across the top of your screen. From there, you can access the areas you have permission to use. The sites you can access are under the “My Sites” tab.

(Q) Can I import an event into Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar or my smartphone calendar?

(A) Yes. Click on any event. Find the text, near the top that says “Add this event to your calendar: iCal”. Click on the iCal link on a PC and it will download a .ics file. If you have Outlook on your computer, you can open the file and it will create an appointment in your Outlook calendar. When using a smartphone, just click iCal and it will import the event into your calendar. You can also import the .ics file into a Google calendar.

(Q) The event I’m trying to input doesn’t have a location. Can I add one?

(A) Yes. If you begin typing in the location field and nothing matches your event location, you may add it yourself. Please note: The location is specifically for the actual place where the event is taking place. It is not for the name of your car show or event. The system uses Google to locate the venue on their mapping system and entering a name not related to the location causes errors in the look-up. You should look up your venue on Google Maps and copy the correct venue name and address.

(Q) What if my event doesn’t have a specific location…like a cruise or a tour?

(A) Simply click the box that reads: “This event does not have a physical location.”

(Q) I entered my event, but it doesn’t appear on the event list. What’s going on?

(A) In order to reduce spamming and unacceptable entries, all events need approval from one of our web site administrators. We typically process new event entries within 24 hours. We appreciate your understanding and suggest that you enter your events into our schedule months in advance.

(Q) I wish there was a way to look up a venue and see what car shows are coming up in the future.

(A) There is a way to do this in our system. Hover your mouse over the Car Shows & Events tab and select Locations. Find a venue and click on it. If there are events in our system for that location, they will be listed. Remember, you can also do an advanced search from the main Car Shows & Events screen. You can search by date, category, country, state and city. Additionally, you can type your zip coed in the field that displays “Near…” and you can search within a distance of your location.

(Q) I already have a login to the Classic Car Vendors area. Do I need to create a separate account for the Classic Hot Rod Events page?

(A) No. Your login should work for all areas. When you create an account for one page, the system automatically creates a login for all pages. Contact us at, if your login doesn’t work for all pages and we will be sure your account is enabled.

(Q) How can I advertise on

(A) There are a few ways you can advertise on our site. The first way is to create a login and list your business for free in our Classic Car Vendors Directory. Secondly, you can create a free ad in our Classified Ads section.

Additionally, you can participate in our rotating ad in the right hand column. We can accommodate three different size ads: (250 x 250 px) – (300 x 250 px) – (300 x 300 px) The cost is $5.00 per month or $50.00 for a year. All you need to do is send us your image file, in one of the three sizes and the URL of the site where you want visitors to land. Send your information to

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